Project Rebound Expanded

Project Rebound Expanded is a special admissions program assisting formerly incarcerated individuals wanting to enter the California State University system,  SFSU,  San BernardinoBakersfield,  Fullerton,  Pomona,  Sacramento,  FresnoCal State LA and San Diego. The program offers special admissions for men and women who might not normally qualify for university acceptance because of application deadlines and minor academic deficiencies. This program is supported by the Associated Students and many other departments in the California state sytem.



John Irwin

Project Rebound Expanded was started in 1967

by Professor John Irwin.

The program is staffed by students and one full time director, most of whom have had prior incarceration experiences. The program is an alternative to the revolving door policy of the criminal justice system. By offering a support network which encourages students to excel in a course of study of their choice, Project Rebound Expanded discourages the revolving door policy. The program seeks to admit students to all vetted university locations that truly understand the heart of the program.

The legacy of John Irwin lives in this work and his dream continues to motivate people to succeed in a field of a study which leads to a Baccalaureate Degree.

Rebound offers a liaison with campus services and programs as well as with community organizations in order to serve as an advocate for people on campus and in the community.

By offering resources and connections with supportive entities, Rebound attempts to help students with their basic needs so that they can concentrate on gaining expertise in their field of study and achieve educational and personal empowerment.

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