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What to expect from Rebound

The Project Rebound philosophy dictates striving, perseverance, and resilience; we see ourselves as living examples of successful reintegration in a college setting.

We refuse to limit ourselves to basic education or traditional vocations as the height of our academic success. Just because we have been incarcerated the world should recognize that they can’t limit our achievements.

More returning citizens want to try and explore higher education to gain more exposure to the positive networks that college provides.

We acknowledge that college is not always easy, but nor is every day life. Surviving incarceration is not easy nor is the adjustment to a freer lifestyle.

So why not make every day count as a step towards something beneficial.


  1. A potential student will be greeted by coordinator who is formerly incarcerated, and has not forgotten what it is like to transition from a lock down facility to a learning institution.
  2. Each Project Rebound chapter will have a centrally, accessible campus location with meeting space, mailing address, and phone number.
  3. Staff on campus will be more than willing to walk perspective students through college assessment, application processing, and Financial Aid
  4. Students will have advocacy with the admissions process as well as with parole and probation.
  5. Students will have access to built-in academic advising and assistance with registration, class planning, tutoring, and other academic needs.
  6. Support for students to enrolled and persist to graduation.
  7. Outreach to on-campus potential students
  8. Help students understand course requirements and register for courses
  9. Help students develop study skills and other “soft” skills needed to succeed
  10. Provide connections for reentry service providers
  11. Provide direct financial support, as necessary, including test and application fees