Project Rebound Scholar - Dauras Cyprian

Education was my way out.

Dauras is a proud member and Senior Organizer for All Of Us Or None, a grassroots organizing project of Legal Services for Prisoners Children. He is directly impacted by the Prison Industrial Complex: at 21 he was sentenced to a life sentence and served 26 years in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Prior to being an organizer and advocate, he worked in Restorative Justice. While behind the wall, he trained as an Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder Counselor while also working as a Peer Counselor and Literacy Tutor. He co-authored Gang Awareness Recovery for the re-rentry program Turning Point.

Now he is on a quest to raise public awareness about the structural racism in our policing, courts, and prison system, which he believes is the foundation of Mass Incarceration. Dauras believes that justice should be the main concern of the criminal justice system, and that laws should protect society, not criminalize poverty, mental illness, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Dauras holds a Bachelors degree in Social Science and is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Non-Profit Management.  He is currently leading All of Us or None’s campaign to eradicate felon disenfranchisement in California.

Project Rebound Scholar - Robert Duesler

Robert Duesler is the President of Students 4 Autism and the second graduate of Project Rebound at Cal State Fullerton. Robert will graduate magna cum laude in Human Services and is applying to graduate school and plans to become a credentialed counselor. He wants to help people heal from traumatic experiences, especially those who have served time in prison.

Project Rebound is an existential spot for me. It has been the scaffolding that's allowed me to integrate this important part of me into [my] educational experience and not have to feel like I'm hiding this part of myself.

Project Rebound Scholar - Omar Chavez

Meet Omar Chavez, the first graduate of Project Rebound at Cal State Fullerton. In this video, Omar shares the personal story of his experience as a student participating in Project Rebound at California State Uinversity, Fullerton.

Education empowers. Education's very important because it changes you into a person that can make a difference -- make a difference in your community and in your family. It makes you a stronger person of mind and makes you more ready for any challenges that you could face in your life.